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whitecollarfic's Journal

White Collar Fan Fiction
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This is a community for fanwork about the tv show White Collar.

This is a community where you can post all of your White Collar related fanwork [fanfic, fanart, icons, videos, episode discussions, etc . . .]. We accept any pairing: gen/het/slash. We do not accept RPF.

If you are new to the community, please take a few moments to read the community rules, and posting guidelines.

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    Every post must be on-topic-- it must pertain to White Collar . Posts with off-topic content will be deleted immediately, without warning.

  1. All types of White Collar related fics and fanwork are allowed here - gen, het, slash. RPS/RPF fanwork is NOT. Mark your fanwork appropriately and follow the posting guidelines below.

  2. Spoiler Policy: All unaired episodes are considered spoilers until they are aired. After an episode airs it is still considered a spoiler for 3 days after. Any spoilers about the new episodes must be under a cut. Ditto for any spoilery screen caps/icons/fanart!

  3. THE LJ-CUT IS YOUR FRIEND. Find out how to make one here.
    • All fic must be placed behind a cut.

    • Art is allowed, but please place it behind a cut and mark it as WORKSAFE (WS) or NOT WORKSAFE (NSFW). You may post WS thumbnails outside a cut as a teaser for the larger image (if the image itself is NSFW, you may crop a WS part for the thumbnail).

    • Do not link to locked material. If you post a link back to your journal, the post must be public. If a mod comes across a post linking to locked material, we will ask the poster to unlock the material in question. If the material is not unlocked in a timely manner, we will delete the post. If you wish to post protected material to the community, you may lock the post to members only.

    • Do not block members' ability to comment to your post within whitecollarfic in order to drive up the comment count at your personal journal. Generally, if your link leads back to your journal that is where people will comment to begin with. It goes against the spirit of a community to stop members from interacting with you here. Not to mention that it makes it difficult for a moderator to contact you if there is some issue that needs to be addressed [i.e. a bad link, odd formatting, tags, etc . . .]. Commenting is generally only stopped on a post when trolling is occurring there in.

    • Permission for posting announcements for new communities, ficathons, etc. . . MUST be cleared by a mod first, and in your post you should make clear that a mod gave permission. We are very open to such announcements provided you can put an on-topic, White Collar spin on to them. You can contact the mod via PM for bellajayd.

    • Posting here means you are giving your consent to your post being archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both. We expect you to follow the posting templates for fanfic and other fanworks below.

    • Please note, all fanworks (including fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, and all web graphics such as icons and wallpapers) are the creation of the fan who made them. If you would like to use or archive said fanworks, you must contact the creator directly.

    • Be nice to each other, or the mod will be forced to pull out the whips and chains (and not in the nice kinky way).


When posting, please avoid making your posts in neon green or bright pink or really, really tiny fonts.

Filling in your subject line with the content of your post is highly recommended. It not only helps the mods with archiving, but the subject line is the first thing that someone reads in a post. If your subject line is blank, it is more likely that your post will be overlooked.

As a courtesy to all whitecollarfic members, you are expected to include appropriate warnings on your fanfic. This may include adult content, such as graphic violence, non or dub con, extreme kinks, underage, etc . . .

All FANFIC must have a header. Feel free to cut and past the minimum required header information for FANFIC:

It's fine if you include additional pertinent information, such as a disclaimer or author's notes. Extensive author's notes should be behind an lj-cut. Please post all other information such as song lyrics, descriptions of art work, quotes, etc . . . beneath the cut.

OTHER FANWORKS (Art, Vids, Icons): We suggest WORK SAFE thumbnails. Preview art should not be any larger than 350x350.
ICONS: Teaser icons are allowed, but keep the number of them to a reasonable amount. If you are linking to a multi-fandom icon post, be sure your teaser icons are on-topic about White Collar.
VIDEOS: Embedded videos (such as YouTube, Imeem, etc) should be placed behind an LJ-CUT.

Clean version for your convenience:


The mods at whitecollarfic is are always in the process of finding new ways to better organize everyone's browsing experience. As you might imagine, this process sometimes takes longer than we would like. It is NOT REQUIRED, but members MAY SELF-TAG their fanwork posts to this comm, using the appropriate pre-existing tags.

Ideally, every fic post should have FOUR main tags:

author (your lj username or a general author tag)
type (fic, icon, art, discussion)
title (first letter of title [titles beginning with 'A' or 'The', the second word in the title should be used -- in other words, a fic titled 'The Crime' would be listed as title: c, a story entitled 'Theft!' would be tagged as title: t.)
rating (only rating: g - rating: nc-17 are used in the tagging)

There are also tags for untitled and unrated fics, however, having a title and rating for your fic is highly encouraged.

Genre tags are part of the community. We urge all members to tag their works of fiction to assist us in organizational process-- this will allow readers to browse for certain types of stories. The current list of genre tags is located here.

You will not receive a personal author tag unless you have posted at least 5 times. The reason for this is that there is a limit on the amount of tags a community is allotted and we will run out fast if everyone gets an author tag.

Until you hit the 5 post minimum you can tag your work with a general author tag (author: a, author: b, etc . . .). All fanworks will be classified under the umbrella of 'author' as opposed to artist, vidder, etc. . . in tags.

Once you hit the 5 post minimum please PM bellajayd and a personalized author tag will be created.


If you have any questions or concerns, to include asking permission to post announcements for various ficathons, RPGs, or new communities, please contact a moderator (listed below)with a PM to bellajayd.


White Collar Forum

If you would like to affiliate with whitecollarfic, please contact bellajayd.

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