black_eyedgirl (black_eyedgirl) wrote in whitecollarfic,

Fic: A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes [Neal/Peter/Elizabeth; R]

Title: A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes
Author black_eyedgirl
Characters/Pairings: Eventual Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, some Moz
Rating: R for sexual references and some strong language
Length: 11,100 words
Spoilers: To be safe, say to 1.10.
Warnings: Minor violence, inexplicit threesome sex
Summary: "Neal?" Peter puts his hand to his throat. That wasn't his voice. Not his hand either. "This isn't happening." Peter turns his head to see himself looking back. "Neal, that better be you in there." Bodyswap fic.

Fic posting at AO3. I'd prefer comments there, anonymously or on OpenID, but here is fine too :)
Tags: author: black_eyedgirl, genre: threesome, rating: r, title: m, type: fanfiction, word count: 10000-19999

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