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whitecollarfic Beta Reader List

whitecollarfic Beta Reader List

Name: Susan
Contact Info: ailurophile6 at stargateatlantis dot net
Special Skills: typo spotter supreme, lol, grammar, characterization, and continuity are my strengths
Is there something you wont beta?: Het, but I can be flexible in this fandom, lol
Extra Info: Very quick, I work from home so I'm online a lot :)

Name: Newsbean - you can call me Bean
Contact Info: PM is preferred
Special Skills: Grammar nazi, Editor IRL, English degree, Ancient Greek, Latin, Spanish (South American dialects, not Spain), Classical Chinese (not Mandarin or any modern variety), Philosophy.
Is there something you wont beta?: Rape
Extra Info: I'm speedy during the week, but mostly unavailable over the weekends. I love working out problems.

Name: Meg
Contact Info: PM, comment at my journal, email at
Special Skills: BA in English, good with grammar and quick. Good at spotting typos and awkward phrases, homonyms, etc. Also good with HTML and How To Post Things to LJ (without them looking strange).
Is there something you wont beta?: I'm not particularly good with pure porn and can't give you any pointers on it, though I can make sure you didn't misspell something in the middle of it? I'm hard to squick.
Extra Info: As stated above, not terribly good at smoothing out sex scenes and I'm better for details than overarching problems. Can probably help on characterization issues if they exist. But your story is your story, and I'm pretty hands-off-y unless you ask specifically for that nature of critique.

Name: Den
Contact Info:
Special Skills: Grammar Bitch
Is there something you wont beta?: Non/Dub con
Extra Info: Erm. Not really? Slash, kink, etc are fine.

Name: Snakeling
Contact Info: everything is available on my profile :)
Special Skills: I focus on the small picture: grammar, spelling, internal and external continuity. I'm crap at the big picture, criticising the style or spotting plot holes, for example. I'm also a native French speaker, living in France, if you ever need to know something about it.
Is there something you wont beta?: Nope.

Name: Cedara
Contact Info: send me a pm, please
Special Skills: I have a grammar mistress in my head. ;-)
Is there something you wont beta?: death stories, rape probably
Extra Info: Non-native speaker (German by birth), turn around time depends on RL issues

Name: donutsweeper
Contact Info: PM first
Special Skills: I grew up just outside of NYC and while I haven't been back in 10 years, but I'll be able to get the terminology and whatnot right. I'm very strict when it comes to dialog punctuation and other grammar issues.
Is there something you wont beta?: PWP
Extra Info: Have you heard the one about the rude New Yorkers? Yeah, that'd be me. I won't sugarcoat things, but I will tell sniff out plot issues, punctuation problems and what works and what doesn't. And overall I'll be able to turn fic around quickly.

Name: Glenn
Contact Info:
Special Skills: Former ad copywriter, picky with grammar and loves character/storyline discussions hahaha
Is there something you wont beta?: Just no extreme violence, please.
Extra Info: My eyes are not what they were so I miss little typos here and there

Name: Mags
Contact Info: mail at
Special Skills: I'm doing a degree in literature, but mainly, my particular skills is tense change spotting unstructured or unclear sentences and flow. I can usually spot quickly why something is not working.
Is there something you wont beta?: nope
Extra Info: I'm normally a fairly quick beta and turnaround time depends mainly on the length if fic, however I am doing NANO at the moment so will take slightly longer, but if it's needed in a pinch I will try and come through for you.

Name: empath
Contact Info: send me a pm and we can work something out after
Special Skills: Through beta-ing for many people, I've gotten good at picking up all kinds of mistakes, but I've gotten especially good when it comes to punctuation relating to dialogue (that seems to be a big problem among my other beta-ees). However, I can play around with grammar issues, whether or not the plot is flowing/making sense, characterization, tense change, awkward phrasing, etc. I'm not great, but after working with many beta-ees, you learn how to watch out for stuff. If you have any questions, ask!
Is there something you wont beta?: I'm pretty flexible and go for just about everything ;)
Extra Info: I'm fairly quick when it comes to emailing my beta-ees back. However, I am a college student and around midterms and finals I might disappear for a week or so. But I will keep you in the loop. And I have a terrible wrist and it acts up sometimes, so I might be away from the computer for a few days. But again, I will let my beta-ee know if that happens.

Name: Ursula4 X
Contact Info:
Special Skills: Knows foster care, dogs, Native American culture, quick read
Is there something you wont beta?: Don't like character death or pure het, would read and drool over Elizabeth in the mix in this fandom.
Extra Info: Fast but not always available if writing or exhausted from work. If I say I will beta, I will get it done.

Name: never_says_die
Contact Info: (I'm on YIM a lot, too)
Special Skills: I'm an English teacher, so I've got your grammar/spelling/and stylistic elements covered, and while I don't know much about *actual* law enforcement...between all the crime procedurals I watch religiously, I'm pretty damn near expert at TV law enforcement.
Is there something you wont beta?: Not all that fond of extreme kink (hardcore BDSM, D/s, blood/urine/scat play), but other than that I'm game for anything.
Extra Info: I'm extremely good with dialogue and plotting (I'd even go so far as to guarantee that pieces I beta will be free of plot holes and possessed of pitch-perfect character voice), but I'll be beta-ing between grading essays and whatnot, so if you need something super-fast, I'm probably not your best bet.

Name: Ellie
Contact Info: probably shouldn't PM me, but email: babylon.bebe at gmail dot com
Special Skills: grammar tyrant (not quite a nazi), typo spotter, characterization, I have lived around the NYC area for most of my life, uuuummm I think that's it.
Is there something you wont beta?: mpreg (not that I expect a lot of that to happen here)
Extra Info: I am online a lot, I know Japanese and French (both aren't perfect, but :D and I tend to be pretty fast at it.

Name: Jenni
Contact Info:
Special Skills:Grammar & punctuation. Watch me beat those stray commas into submission. *g*
Is there something you wont beta?: Death, rape.
Extra Info: ---

Name: Shelley
Contact Info:
Special Skills: Characterization, Good at fixing/spotting unfortunate sentences. Currently taking Creative Writing course (if that counts in any way).
Is there something you wont beta?: Threesomes
Extra Info: Not gonna be a real speedy beta, it'd be a 3-5 day turnaround. *points at mountain of school work* Though, you will get a fairly decent review of strengths and weaknesses of your story. I'm nice I promise. :D

Name: KatanaDoshi/Rachel
Contact Info:
Special Skills: Grammar Nazi, English Major, in possession of Spell Check
Is there something you wont beta?: Please no pure het
Extra Info: 1-3 day turn around, will cheerfully point out any and all plot inconsistencies

Name: Maison
Contact Info: PM me
Special Skills: I'm pretty decent with grammar. I have a good eye for flow and wording. I was also a criminal psychology student for a couple quarters (before media studies seduced me to the dark side) and have some knowledge of the workings of law enforcement.
Is there something you wont beta?: character death, rape
Extra Info: Turn around will probably be 1-3 days, depending on how busy I am with school/work.

Name: Red (gallifreyslast)
Contact Info: just PM me.
Special Skills: English major, grammar nazi, law enforcement knowledge, eye for tense changes.
Is there something you wont beta?: Character bashing, rape fics.
Extra Info: Decent speed, constructively criticize, never insult or dismiss : ) Hope to help with some of the great stories flying out for this fandom!

Name: Aisling_Door
Contact Info:
Special Skills: I'm pretty good with flow and pretty anal about grammar (if there are points I'm not sure of I'll bring them up because I'm not a grammar master...yet). I'm getting really good with keeping tenses consistent. I also know a smattering of various romance languages.
Is there something you wont beta?: I prefer no rape because it's so, so hard to do a fic with rape in it and make it...well, good, as in not horribly upsetting and offensive. Actually, I think I've only seen rape tied into a fic well when the rape was something that happened before the narrative starts and it's a pertinent fact.
Extra Info: I'm usually pretty quick on getting my editing done, but I get most of it done on the weekends so if you send me a fic on Monday and need it by Thursday I might have some difficulties. Just let me know when you need the fic edited by and I'll work my hardest to get it to you.

How do I use this list? Read the beta’s profile – and pay attention to the Special Skills and Wont Beta sections. Some beta’s have specialties that might be better suited to your fic than others. Do not ask a beta to edit a fic that contains subject matter they have stated they will not beta! If you’re not sure it’s best to ask them.

How do I contact a beta? In the beta’s profile they have left contact information, use this information to contact them with your request and any questions that you might have for them.

How do I volunteer to be a beta? Please read THIS post and comment to it with the required information.

What is a beta reader? A beta reader can be many different things. Primarily they act as editors for your fanwork.

What should I expect from a beta reader? They correct your grammar, your plot structure, or issues you’re having with your characters plus a million other wonderful things. Many are more than happy to brainstorm issues and plot bunnies with you – and cheerlead you through a tough spot.

A beta reader should not be rude or cruel to you, though don’t expect them to candy-coat an issue that your fic has. They should always treat you and your work with respect, and you should do the same for them.

Do not abuse your beta! They are volunteering to do this and investing their personal time on your fanwork – please treat them kindly.

What should I expect from my author? Respect. Don't let yourself be abused by a writer and vice versa. Also, an author always puts a little bit of themselves into their work, and for some giving their fic over to a beta to edit puts them in a vulnerable position. Thus, while doling out your wisdom remember to remain professional in your critiques.
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